The owners of the coal-burning Cayuga Power Plant have applied to convert the plant to burn fracked gas, carried in by a convoy of trucks. Governor Cuomo will decide if Cayuga Lake will host a fracked gas power plant. Is this the future you want?

No more fossil fuels! Tell the governor it's time for renewable energy.


The power plant on the shore of Cayuga Lake would require 50-120 trucks per day to support its dependency on gas.

Cayuga's proposal to convert from coal to gas spells disaster for our community and future generations.

  • 50-120 truck trips per day on our roads, delivering compressed "natural" gas
  • Dangerous, old plant puts lives of workers and emergency responders at risk
  • Increased emissions of smog causing compounds
  • Global warming just as bad from gas as coal
  • Increased demand for fracking in PA, harming our neighbors, and the planet
  • The plant is no longer needed


ACT NOW! To change everything it takes everyone!

We must act quickly to stop this proposal before the Governor's Department of Environmental Conservation makes a decision that will impact our community and our planet.

Send an email NOW urging governor Cuomo to deny the proposal to burn fracked gas at Cayuga. Then share with your friends and neighbors.

Together we can win this fight for a livable planet.

AES Cayuga

Background – About the Cayuga Power Plant

The beleaguered 65-year-old coal-burning Cayuga Power Plant has submitted a proposal to the Department of Environmental Conservation to convert the obsolete plant to burn fracked gas instead. What’s more, the proposal has the alarming news that plant operators plan to haul gas to the plant in huge tractor trailers filled with Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). There will be 50-120 truck trips per day through our community, to and from the power plant, in this “virtual pipeline” scenario.

Governor Cuomo has promised to end production of coal-fired electricity in New York by December 31, 2020. However, his proposed regulations don’t go far enough—allowing old, inefficient coal plants like Cayuga to convert to burning fracked gas instead. We reject this bait-and-switch from one climate-changing fossil fuel to another.

The Cayuga Power Plant is not needed to supply power to this region. NYSEG completed transmission upgrades in Auburn (2016) and in Ithaca (2010) in anticipation of the plant’s closure, to ensure that there would be adequate electric supply.


Research consistently shows that when lifecycle emissions of shale gas are taken into account, the global warming impacts of "natural" gas are worse than coal.

Cayuga is a dangerous, polluting old plant that should not be allowed to continue operating. In the past three years there have been two fires at the plant– one so severe half the plant was closed for eight months; the other demolished the emissions controls and stack on the other half of the plant. Two summers ago it discharged mercury at 2000% above allowable limits into Cayuga Lake.

Tompkins County is one of the State’s leaders in renewable energy. Cayuga’s proposal will take our county and the State backwards—undermining efforts to move New York to a renewable energy economy.

Renewable energy with battery storage can meet our energy needs and this is what the State should be supporting. The Cayuga Power Plant is unnecessary, expensive, and polluting. It’s time to close this dangerous, uneconomic, fossil-fuel dinosaur and move forward with renewable energy and storage.


Click the button below to urge Governor Cuomo to deny Cayuga's application to convert from coal to gas and instead to support renewable energy development.

Visit our Action Network letter writing campaign to send a letter and then share with others.

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Tompkins County Legislature Votes 12-2 in Favor of Resolution Opposing Repowering of Cayuga Power Plant with Fracked Gas

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Tompkins County Legislature PDEQ Votes 4:1 in Favor of Strongly Worded Resolution Opposing Repowering of Cayuga Power Plant

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Mothers Out Front Partnering with No Fracked Gas Cayuga

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Cayuga Power Plant Opponents Hold Forum and Rally

September 8, 2018

LANSING, NY — Finger Lakes community leaders and climate activists held an educational forum and rally in opposition to a planned fracked gas power plant on the shores of Cayuga Lake. The No Fracked Gas Coalition held an educational forum in the morning at the Lansing Community Center, to an overflowing crowd of about 150 local citizens, followed by a noontime press conference and rally at Lansing Middle School.

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Campaign to Stop Lansing Power Plant Launches in Albany

August 14, 2018

ALBANY, NY- Activists and local residents came to the capital today to announce the launch of the No Fracked Gas Cayuga campaign, which aims to stop the proposed conversion of the coal-burning Cayuga Power Plant in Lansing to burn fracked gas.

The campaign is led by local residents and supported by statewide groups like Food & Water Watch, Mothers Out Front, and Sane Energy Project.

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We are at a fork in the road, a critical moment in history that our children and grandchildren will look upon and remember. This is the moment where we decide whether to invest in a limited future of harmful fossil fuels, or toward the expansive promise of renewable energy.