Sustainable Energy or Fossil Fuel Dependence...

We are campaigning for an obsolete, dangerous, polluting fossil-fuel power plant to be transformed into upstate NY's first utility scale solar and energy storage plant.

We are campaigning for a fossil-fuel free Tompkins County, for unspoiled waters in Cayuga Lake, ​for the end to all forms of infrackstructure buildout in New York State and for a clean, healthy, renewable energy future for all our children.

No Fracked Gas Cayuga is a campaign, not an organization – so there are many ways to get involved...

You can get involved as an individual or with one of the partnering organizations that is making this effort possible.

When you join our email list you will get announcements and other details – and learn more about opportunities to take coordinated action.

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We are at a fork in the road, a critical moment in history that our children and grandchildren will look upon and remember. This is the moment where we decide whether to invest in a limited future of harmful fossil fuels, or toward the expansive promise of renewable energy.