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Dozens of Tompkins County Residents Demonstrate Against Cayuga Power Plant

November 9, 2018

by Matt Steecker

“Dozens of Tompkins County residents demonstrated in unified opposition Friday to a Cayuga Power Plant proposal to burn fracked gas — and a county legislature committee agreed.” The Ithaca Journal covers the County’s Planning, Development and Environmental Quality Committee’s 4-1 vote on the stronger of two resolutions opposing the repowering of the plant. Read the article

Virtual Pipelines: Convenient for Industry, a Burden on Communities

October 30, 2018

by Karen Edelstein

“FracTracker has modeled the five most likely scenarios that would take compressed natural gas from a loading station in northern Pennsylvania to the Cayuga Power Plant in Lansing. All of the scenarios bring the trucks through populated communities, in dangerous proximity to high-risk facilities where both human safety and evacuations are problematic.” Read the article

Cayuga Power Plant Opponents Hold Rally

September 8, 2018

by LiteRock 97.3 staff

“‘When methane starts to rise, so do moms,’ said Kathleen Quinn-Jacobs, Dryden resident, Mothers Out Front, Tompkins. ‘We won’t sit idly by while another fracked gas power plant goes on line, further destabilizing the climate and polluting the air our children breathe. The most solemn duty of parents is to protect our children. We can’t do that as long as fossil fuels are pouring into power plants. Enough is enough.'” LiteRock 97.3 covers No Fracked Gas Cayuga’s September 8, 2018 forum and rally. Read the article

Cynthia Nixon, Zephyr Teachout Campaign in Ithaca

September 4, 2018

by Thomas Giery Pudney and Natasha Vaughn

“‘When I am governor I will ensure that the Cayuga power plant is never fueled by fracked gas,’ said [Cynthia] Nixon as the crowd roared. ‘Four years ago the governor banned fracking in New York state… it doesn’t mean much if we are still importing so much fracked gas and running the gas through pipelines and we’re still allowing this massive build-out of fossil fuel infrastructure.” This Ithaca Journal piece highlights Nixon’s attention to the repurposing proposal in her campaign. Read the article

Lansing, Gas, and Money

September 3, 2018

by Jamie Swinnerton

“’I’m not here to say just shut the plant down,’ [Irene] Weiser said. ‘I’m saying, look for a better alternative. Look for an investment that’s not going to disrupt the quality of life for the people that live there, possibly put danger on the roads. Find an alternative that moves in the direction that the future needs to go.'” No Fracked Gas Cayuga’s Weiser was one of three perspectives on the Cayuga Power Plant repurposing proposal, in this Tompkins Weekly piece. Read the article

New York Governor Candidate Discusses Platform at Ithaca Event

September 3, 2018

by Krissy Waite

“At the event, [Cynthia] Nixon announced her plan to transition New York to 100 percent renewable energy, focusing in on Cayuga Power Plant’s plan to transport out-of-state natural gas to Ithaca. The plan would allow 50 to 120 trucks per day to transport natural gas to the power plant. Instead, Nixon said she wants to convert the power plant to a solar energy plant. She emphasized that even though fracking is banned in New York, there is still a lot of work to be done in environmental activism.” The Ithacan reports on the role of the repurposing proposal during Nixon’s campaign stop. Read the article

Cynthia Nixon Promises to Convert Cayuga Power Plant Into a Renewable Energy Facility, Vows Plant Will ‘Never’ Run on Fracked Gas

September 1, 2018

by Sarah Skinner

“Sandra Steingraber, a local biologist who was a visiting scholar at Cornell from 1999 to 2003, also decried the ‘public health menace’ of the local Cayuga energy plant in an introductory endorsement, calling it a ‘dinosaur power plant that is [Cuomo’s] legacy.'” The Cornell Daily Sun covers the attention given to the repurposing proposal during Cynthia Nixon’s Ithaca campaign stop. Read the article

Cynthia Nixon: ‘Cayuga Power Plant Will Never Run on Fracked Gas’

September 1, 2018

by Kelsey O’Connor

“‘Fracking was banned because the science showing its harms was carried into the public arena by a tremendous grassroots movement. We all did that,’ [Dr. Sandra] Steingraber said. ‘Our work is not done. We stopped fracking and now we need to stop the build out of fracking infrastructure. The people of the Finger Lakes will not allow the Cayuga Power Plant to be converted to a gas-operated plant.'” The Ithaca Voice on challenges to Governor Cuomo’s policies includes the proposed conversion. Read the article

Andrew Cuomo Faces An Environmental Revolt

September 1, 2018

by Alexander C. Kaufman

“Last month, Cuomo ignored calls from local activists in the Finger Lakes region to scuttle plans to convert one of the state’s oldest coal-fired plants into a gas-fired power station. Opponents say the plant would require convoys of between 50 to 120 trucks to deliver natural gas to the Cayuga Lake plant per day.” This Huffington Post piece reviews the array of projects statewide threatening serious climate action. Read the article

Fighting Over Use of Fracked Gas for Power Plants

August 29, 2018

by Capital Tonight Staff

“Burning gas and burning coal are, from a climate point of view, equally villainous.” Dr. Sandra Steingraber responds to the myth of “clean natural gas” and other issues, together with No Fracked Gas Cayuga and Fossil Free Tompkins’ Irene Weiser, in a 9-minute interview with Spectrum News. Watch the clip