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Oscar-Nominated Director Josh Fox Speaks Against Fracking

August 27, 2018

by Matthew McGowen

“According to Fox, one of the primary drivers behind the visit to Cornell was to support local efforts by No Fracked Gas Cayuga, a recently formed group that opposes the burning of fracked gas from Pennsylvania in the Cayuga Power Plant.” The Cornell Daily Sun covers filmmaker Josh Fox’s visit and dedication of part of the evening to the new campaign. Read the article


Sandra Steingraber and Irene Weiser on Fracked Gas Plants

August 23, 2018

by Tim Williams

“An older coal-burning plant in the Tompkins County town of Lansing is trying to transition into a fracked gas power plant. We discussed the effort to stop the plant transition with Sandra Steingraber, Distinguished Scholar in Residence at Ithaca College and author, and Irene Weiser, Caroline Town Councilwoman and Coordinator of Fossil Free Tompkins.” Listen here to the WCNY interview

Letter: Finger Lakes Power Plant Not the Answer

August 22, 2018

by Bettina Hansel

“Gov. Andrew Cuomo has a tough job in his efforts to move forward with clean energy, especially offshore wind, with initiatives that probably should have been started in the era of his father, but a gas-powered power plant in the Finger Lakes area is not the answer.” An Albany Times-Union Letter to the Editor makes a case against the Cayuga Power Plant conversion. Read the letter

Cuomo Banned Fracking. But is He Still Vulnerable on Natural Gas Pipelines?

August 21, 2018

by Justin Sondel

“‘The problem with investing in pipelines and fossil-fuel-burning power plants is if you build them today, they’re going to last for 40, 50 years,’ [former Environmental Protection Agency Regional Administrator Judith] Enck said. ‘It’s really hard to believe that the governor is committed to stopping climate change while, on his watch, there are massive new investments in fossil fuel facilities.'” This City & State New York piece addresses the broader issue of fracked gas infrastructure in the state. Read the article

Josh Fox, of Gasland, on How the Truth Has Changed

August 21, 2018

by Ryan Clover

Josh Fox, filmmaker of Gasland, visiting Ithaca with his performance, The Truth Has Changed, discusses the proposed site for fracked gas Cayuga power plant. Listen here

Campaign to Stop Lansing Power Plant Launches in Albany

August 14, 2018

For Immediate Release: August 14, 2018

ALBANY, NY — Activists and local residents came to the capital today to announce the launch of the No Fracked Gas Cayuga campaign, which aims to stop the proposed conversion of the coal-burning Cayuga Power Plant in Lansing to burn fracked gas.

The campaign is led by local residents and supported by statewide groups like Food & Water Watch, Mothers Out Front, and Sane Energy Project.

Speakers at the noontime rally and press conference included the noted author and biologist Sandra Steingraber, and anti-fracking activist filmmaker Josh Fox.

The groups are opposed to the coal to gas conversion of this  inefficient power plant, citing the harmful methane emissions and increased local truck traffic, which would pose a serious danger on nearby rural roads.

“Trucks carrying natural gas to the Cayuga power plant would pass through densely populated parts of our community, past our local schools, medical facilities, and childcare facilities. In addition, the roads and intersections closest to the Cayuga plant have some of the highest vehicle crash rates in the Town of Lansing. As both a geographer, and a resident of Lansing, I find the plans to supply gas to the plant via these ‘virtual pipelines’ dangerous and wholly unacceptable,” said Karen Edelstein, Northeast Coordinator of the FracTracker Alliance.

“Fires, floods, droughts, and rising seas. The climate is changing faster than we are. We can still catch up but not if we play a shell game with fossil fuels,” said filmmaker and anti-fracking activist Josh Fox. “Governor Cuomo, you can’t ban fracking in New York just to haul fracked gas to New York power plants from my home state of Pennsylvania. You can’t swap out coal and swap in methane. If you are a true climate leader, then close down this climate-killing relic and usher in renewables. The time is now.”

While supporters of the plan argue that the coal-to-gas conversion will be a net positive, the campaign points out this is incorrect.  As biologist and New Yorkers Against Fracking co-founder Sandra Steingraber, PhD, said, “The science clearly shows that methane leakage makes fracked gas as damaging to the climate as coal. Finger Lakes residents know this science. We helped lead the anti-fracking movement. We helped stop gas storage at Seneca Lake. We’re mobilized for climate action and will not accept backwards steps from a governor who has promised no more fracked gas power plants and forward motion on renewables.”

Members of the campaign point out that additional fossil fuel infrastructure is unnecessary, and undermines Governor Cuomo’s own climate and clean energy goals.

“Governor Cuomo has promised to end production of coal-fired electricity in New York by December 31, 2020. However, his proposed regulations don’t go far enough—allowing obsolete, inefficient coal plants to convert to burning fracked gas instead,” said Irene Weiser, Councilmember in the Town of Caroline and coordinator of Fossil Free Tompkins. “We reject this bait-and switch from one climate-changing fossil fuel to another. It’s time to close this dangerous, uneconomic, fossil-fuel dinosaur and move forward with renewable energy and storage.”

“Governor Cuomo told us his administration would not approve any more gas power plants. If he meant what he said, he must oppose the Cayuga fracked gas plant,” said Alex Beauchamp, Northeast Region Director at Food & Water Watch. “Cuomo wants to be a national leader on climate and clean energy. But he can’t claim that mantle and green-light more dirty fossil fuel plants.”

“Governor Cuomo, you have heard all the science and all the facts. Please listen to the mothers who have to look their children in the eye each day and explain to them why the planet is burning.” said Lisa Marshall of Mothers Out Front. “I’m here today representing thousands of New York mothers asking you to shut off the gas for the sake of all children! We implore you to kickstart an energy revolution in New York that will lead us to swift, just and complete transition off of fossil fuels. You can start in Tompkins County with the Cayuga Power Plant.”

New Campaign to Fight Fracking in NY

August 14, 2018

by Morgan McKay

“‘Is Gov. Cuomo a man of his word because if he is, there really is no question, he has to deny the Cayuga frack gas plant,’ Alex Beauchamp, Northeast Director at Food and Water Watch, said.” ABC News 10 covers the Albany campaign launch of No Fracked Gas Cayuga. Read the article

Gasland Director Josh Fox Speaks Out Against Cayuga Power Plant

August 14, 2018

by Jon Campbell

The Ithaca Journal captures Gasland filmmaker Josh Fox’s remarks at the No Fracked Gas Cayuga press conference in Albany. See the clip

Groups Urge Cuomo to Scuttle Gas Plant Near Cayuga Lake

August 14, 2018

by Brendan J. Lyons

“‘I find the proposal to supply gas to the Cayuga plant via this army of trucks poorly conceived, dangerous and unacceptable,’ said Karen Edelstein, a resident of the town of Lansing, where the project is proposed.” The Albany Times-Union covers the press conference launching the No Fracked Gas Cayuga campaign. Read the article

Activists Seek to Stop Gas Conversion at Cayuga Power Plant

August 1, 2018

by Peter Bardaglio

“Pointing to the success of the anti-fracking movement in New York and the recent victory against gas storage at Seneca Lake, speakers at the press conference made it clear that ‘No Fracked Gas Cayuga’ would be part of a larger effort to stop the growth of natural gas infrastructure.” The newsletter of the Tompkins County Climate Protection Initiative covers the launch of the campaign. Read the article