Guest Editorial

September 18, 2018

by Kathy Russell

As stewards of the environment, Governor Cuomo and the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) are morally responsible for a public trust – the beauty, stability, and integrity of our air, water, land, wildlife and the health of all people. This trust will be violated if they allow… keep reading

Global Climate Change Calls For Global Action

September 14, 2018

By Zoya Mohsin, Lansing Star 

I’m an international student from Mombasa, Kenya studying Environmental Science at Cornell University. Growing up in Malawi and Kenya has really shown me the true ‘offsite’ impacts of climate change. In 2015… Keep Reading

Letters to the Editor: Response to Lansing, Gas, and Money

September 10, 2018

by Anthony Ingraffea

“Science shows that the effects of climate change are accelerating because we are not reducing greenhouse gas emissions, like those from the current and proposed operation of the plant, fast enough.” Cornell University Professor of Engineering Anthony Ingraffea responds to one of the perspectives in the recent Tompkins Weekly piece,”Lansing, Gas, and Money.” Read the letter

Letter: Nixing Methane Gas Benefits Everyone

August 28, 2018

by Marta Schaff

“The opponents of the proposed gas-burning power plant in the Finger Lakes region who gathered in Albany earlier this month… are speaking up for more than concern about increased truck traffic in their communities. Their fight against the use of natural gas serves us all.” An Albany Times Union Letter to the Editor makes the climate case against the repurposing of the Cayuga Power Plant. Read the letter