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May 2019, CPP New Plan Memo

The following information was circulated by Cayuga Power Plant Manager, Jerry Goodenough, to Town of Lansing Supervisor Ed LaVigne and Tompkins County Legislator, Mike Sigler (Lansing) and presented at Lansing Town Board meeting, 15 May 2019

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Tompkins County Legislature Resolution Rejecting the Conversion of the Cayuga Power Plant

The Tompkins County Legislature voted November 20, 2018 12-2 in favor of a strongly worded resolution opposing the Cayuga Power Plant’s proposal to convert from burning coal to burning fracked gas to be trucked to the Lansing facility from Pennsylvania.The resolution seeks Governor Cuomo’s help in providing support for conversion to solar power with energy storage, support for displaced plant workers, and support for the Town of Lansing and the Lansing School District, both of which receive tax revenue from Cayuga Power. It also urges the DEC to conduct a full Environmental Impact Statement of Cayuga Power Plant’s proposal.

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Correspondence between DEC and Cayuga Operating Group

Obtained by Freedom of Information law request, this document contains correspondence from Cayuga Operating Company to DEC regarding their future plans to convert Generating Unit 1 to burn gas and build a pipeline; a letter from DEC to Town of Lansing informing them of Cayuga's application and offering them Lead Agency role in the proceeding, and a letter from DEC to Cayuga, informing them that their application was incomplete and needed to address several topics.
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Potential CNG Truck Routes from PA to Cayuga Power Plant

If Cayuga Power Plant is repowered with natural gas, every day, scores of trucks, carrying CNG from a supply station to plant in Lansing, NY, will be traveling through our communities. Currently, the closest fueling station for these trucks is located just south of the New York State border in Forest Lake, PA. We are not certain that the CNG supply for Cayuga Power ultimately will be this facility, but there is currently a good likelihood that it will be. State and federal highways are the preferred routes for CNG transportation via tractor trailer. There are numerous potential routes from the PA border to the plant in Lansing, NY.

This interactive map explores those routes. The map is zoomable, and includes clickable points that provide more information about demographics along the route, as well as facilities within the half-mile accident evacuation zone along the route. Sites include health care facilities, daycare centers, and schools.

Explore Potential CNG Truck Routes in This Interactive Map

Sierra Club Letter to the New York DEC

Comments from Sierra Club to DEC asking them to deny Cayuga's request to convert to gas, highlighting that such conversion is not in keeping with the State's energy plans, and that there will be significant environmental impacts from emissions, especially when full lifecycle emissions of methane are taken into account. 

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Application To Convert The Cayuga Plant To Fracked Gas

Cayuga Operating Company, LLC Application for Modification to the Title V Air Operating Permit for Natural Gas Conversion.

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